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2nd place at Steirisc:här:bst IX

Aktualisiert: 17. Dez. 2019

On the first weekend of November we participated in Steirisc:här:bst IX aiming to rediscover our indoor ultimate superpowers. Obviously, we soon had them close at hand, winning all but one game all weekend. Our sole loss came in a competitive final against our neighbours GTV Ultimate, who eventually proved to be our kryptonite. We matched this result in the spirit ranking, where we also came in 2nd. Falling short of a trophy twice, however, didn't overshadow the fun memories we made on the field, at the party and in parallel universes, searching for infinity stones. Even if it may not be evident from the picture, we're still grinning, looking back on a successful and amusing start to our indoor season. Thanks Augärtner Ultimate Graz for the lovely organization and for making the tournament a unique experience every year!

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